In every bear fairy-tale there is a poppa bear and a baby bear. My poppa bear is Ken Bowie. He originated the first Bowie Bear in 1962 and still likes to say he built half of Calgary. For many years he built homes through Alberta Bowie Construction Ltd in partnership with Keith Construction and is truly one of the last of the Mohicans of old school building companies. He is currently part-owner of Willow Park Golf & Country Club and likes to spend his time on the beautiful links where he built many of the existing homes.

I am
Brianna Bowie, the baby bear of Bowie Bear. I started out with my own building company in Los Angeles California and learned how to do everything from payroll to laying sod with my own little hands. I worked in renovation projects, both residentially and commercially, and built homes for celebrities through my company GB Futures Inc. I came back to Calgary in 2002 and have been working with trade companies, builders and developers for the past 10 years.

I come from an entertainment background in marketing and special events and have presented my projects and ideas to
Donald Trump and the former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. I also spearheaded and formed the Joanne Bowie Champions Fund for Pancreatic Cancer at the University of Calgary. Through the charitable golf tournament for this fund we raised over 40 thousand dollars which enabled the University Research team to obtain a million dollar grant.

Bowie Bear's values are built on a foundation of success started over 50 years ago. The Builder Block was born on fertile ground and I am proud to announce Bowie Bears association with the Bank of Montreal.  Bowie Bear has worked hard to earn the trust of one of Canada’s most trusted organizations. Together our goals are to provide a one-stop experience that is a convenient safe starting point for your building or renovation project.

I am committed to using my diverse set of skills, experience and my father’s great legacy to make Bowie Bear and the
BMO/Builder Block the “go to”  company for all your building and renovation needs. I am honored to carry on my father’s solid tradition of honesty, integrity and bear like determination to provide excellent service to each and every client.


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Here is how BOWIE BEAR was born...

Brianna Bowie