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​​If you answered yes to those 2 important questions then Bowie Bear is the best place to start your home building journey. With 25 years in the building industry in both Calgary and Los Angeles  and a successful family building business that spans over 45 years, Bowie Bear is  your most trusted and completely complimentary resource!

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Fill out our request form and within as little as 2 hours we will provide you with a free consultation and connect you with a minimum of 3 of the best builders for your project. We have the knowledge and expertise to connect your style, taste, design and budget with the absolute perfect choices.

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We can also connect you with the best financing options and a qualified realtor through our 
“Realtor Assist”  program.

But that’s not all..

Bowie Bear provides complete renovation services through the “Builder Block”.  We are one of the most innovative and all encompassing one stop building solution experts in the industry.  At no cost to you we can provide a vast network of carefully vetted industry professionals that can ensure all your dreams for a brand new home are truly fulfilled. 

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